Jamaica Multiple Myeloma Support Group

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Welcome to the Multiple Myeloma Support Group of Kingston Jamaica.  If you are living with Multiple Myeloma, you need not be alone. You'll find others whose experience can be a source of strength, hope, and inspiration. If you are a caregiver or caring friend, your needs will be addressed with programs sensitive to your particular needs. We invite you to join us and to benefit from a wealth of knowledge, comfort, friendship, and good times.

Our group meets on the 1st Saturday of each month at 2:00 PM.

For more information, please contact Monica Taylor at 876-829-5507 or by E-mail at Jamaica@imfsupport.org.

Who We Are

Our support group offers patients and their supporters a place to go for shelter and comfort in dealing with myeloma.

Our Mission

To provide support for MM patients, caregivers, family members and friends and build public awareness and sensitivity.

Upcoming Events

Want to learn more about Multiple Myeloma or just want somebody to talk to about it, we invite you to join our monthly meeting.